Joh. Springer's Erben Handels GmbH Company

We are very pleased to introduce our colleagues - the Austrian company Joh. Springer's Erben Handels GmbH, in the person of our friend - Mr. Christian Springer. It have very long history in gun-making world, hunting guns, made ​​by him, is still in high among professionals and amateurs. To date, his company is for hunters and collectors and a great package deal offers. First of all - this is one of the most active auction of hunting guns & rifles in Europe. Here you can buy a hunting weapon known companies and well-known gunmakers  at a very attractive price. Even the most demanding collectors and fans will be able to find for himself something attractive. The company conducts classical and closed auctions. You can find information about it online ( We will announce the exciting offers on our website under "Articles". Also, we are ready to assist you in buying lots in this auction, to accompany you to Vienna or represent you at the auction. To do this, leave contact information on the page "Contacts" and mark the subject - Auction Springer. When visiting the Austrian company's stores you can buy many excellent hunting products, from equipment to weapons, this will help you highly skilled employees, and our experts. In the near future we will post on our website contact number of our staff who will help you to understand the proposals Joh. Springer's Erben, and get the desired service. We can organize your trip to Vienna and provide the consultant - the translator.

     In addition, the company Joh. Springer's Erben provides an opportunity for our customers to get the pleasure of participating in hunting adventures around the globe. You can contact us to get clarification on all the issues you might have in this regard.