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We are pleased to present to you the official website of

NEW HUNTER, focused on a wide range of people interested in the classical hunting and hunting guns, made by well-known gunmakers.

Here, in the section "Expert", you can get advice on the origin of your hunting gun,  its technical features, the possibility of restoration. In the section "Articles" we plan to provide publications of Russian and foreign experts, gun auction digests and results. Here you can post your own material, and the results of operation of your gun,  hunting memoirs. On section  "Billboard" can place your information on the sale of hunting weapons, equipment, antiques, hunting dog puppies. Here you can place and report Search for your subject, and other information related to the topic of our website. Terms of site users, placement rules and information are explained in the section "Rules". Our resource shares weighted, tolerant attitude to other people's opinions and beliefs. However, as professionals, we have the right to have an opinion, based on the promotion of the revival of traditions of classical gun-making  and classic weapons hunting, gentlemen in a hunting community relations, compliance and improvement of legislation in this field. This project is non-commercial intellectual resource, are unacceptable to us amateurish approaches to solving professional problems, we do not endorse vulgarity, self-seeking, profanity.

            We will be glad if our site was useful for you, hope understanding!


Joh. Springer's Erben Handels GmbH Company
Joh. Springer's Erben Handels GmbH Company
We are very pleased to introduce our colleagues - the Austrian company Joh. Springer's Erben Handels GmbH, in the person of our friend - Mr. Christian Springer. in more detail...
Alexander Cheburkoff knives
Alexander Cheburkoff knives
What should be a hunting knife? Are there universal knives? What should be the configuration of the blade? Which metal, and how to handle the material is preferable? in more detail...